Reset Plug

How to reset Wi-fi automatically through Reset Plug with ease

Nowadays the use of Wi-Fi in every home is typical and often router is required for it. But you surely encounter a problem that Wi-fi routers often do not have reset buttons OR it is found hardly and in case your internet connection does not work correctly so you have to go up to it.

And yes! The button is not available there so out the router’s plug from switch board and again plug it into switch board. So that Internet connection to start working again. The easiest solution of this unnecessary and irrational problem revealed in the shape of a Smart Power Plug that has named ‘Reset Plug’. This Smartphone was specially made for the Wi-fi router and it monitors the restoration cycle of your internet connection so that it does not have any problem.

And yes! If there is any problem so it automatically resets the Wi-fi router. It means, no need to move from your place, no alert, no need to launch after logging into any app and etc…. The device is set through a Web page and you can set the time. After which, can reset the router in case of any problem.

It was suggested by the Company that developed it, connect your modem or router to this plug so that in case of any problem, it resets both of them.   However, the bad news is this that its cost is $60, however if we have a look on Wi-fi problems so it is not very expensive.

In this present era of technology, you can reset Wi-fi automatically through Reset Plug with ease. Even you do not need to touch your router. It is such an awesome advancement in the field of technology because everyone is being teased by their internet connection.