Mirror Display

Samsung introduces modern Mirror Display

SOUTH KOREA: The Leading Korean Company Samsung after the successful experience of the transparent display, has offered to customers for the first time. After which, the users will be able to look new styles of fashion after sitting in front of this display.

Few months ago, Samsung introduced the transparent display in which a person could see across to it. With this technology, television viewing is absolutely unique. Now, for the first time, these transparent displays have been installed in the beauty parlors of Korea.

This display has many great features in comparison to other ordinary mirrors. The users will be able to see many different descriptions of make-up and hair style. They can even select the style according to their choice. In addition, it can also be used as a mirror.

Samsung had been working on this project for several years, focusing completely on this technique, as said Samsung. By the end of this year, this display will be seen by many people in different countries of the world. This modern Mirror Display is a wonderful and unique innovation of the year. It will provide more and extra ease to the users.