save from accident

How to save from accident during driving

MIDDLESEX: Accident rate using a mobile phone while driving is getting higher every day and such an app has been developed for its prevention. Sounds crazy but it is real! That app automatically blocks the Smartphone when the speed of your car ups.

According to the British Company, using mobile while driving can be more dangerous than driving while you have drunk and its effects are being manifested all over the world.

A mobile phone affects the driver’s attention from the 3 modes.

  1. Its voice affects attention
  2. By using phone your vision is on the phone instead of the car.
  3. While you pick up the phone when you have to remove the hand from the steering

All this work is not at all without risk while you drive fast.

This app was developed by a British company that has named ‘My Fix App’ works under the Global Positioning System (GPS). As the speed of your car is 6 KPH or more than it so mobile’s screen automatically shuts off and phone locks. Earlier to it, the company has developed various such like apps, one of which is of ‘Destruction prevention’ app that prevents disruption.

First of all this app was developed for the training of employees by the company. The switch is used to turn off the phone while traveling. While this app feels movement, it stops the call, texts and every kind of SMS and at the same time, it also notes the driver’s speed and the traveling time.

According to the company, this app is more important for the young and young drivers because they absolutely use phones and all the time, they do something on the phone.

Now save from accident with ease by using this app because nothing is more important than your life….Take Care.