world’s slimmest laptop

The world’s slimmest laptop introduces by HP

Well, most of the people like to use Smartphone and Tablets but the importance of desktop computers especially laptops still can’t reduce.  If you wish to buy any good laptop so you will surely like this new device of the leading company ‘HP’ Hewlett-Packard.

This device has named ‘Spectre’ about which company claims that this is the world’s slimmest laptop and in this regard, has defeated to Apple’s ‘MacBook Air’.

According to the HP, it is as beautiful as its features are equally excellent.

But the problem is this that it was not designed for users with the limited budget but it is for those who care about its performance as well as its appearance.

It is just 10.4 mm (0.41 in) thick even the newest MacBook is 13.1 mm, while weighing more than one kilogram. However, despite the low volume, it has all the features of a good laptop.
It has remarkable Full HD 1080p 13.3 -inch screen, a USB charging port ‘Type C’, train 8 GB RAM, 512 GB hard disk, its battery life is rated 9 hours and the five core processor etc.

Its price was fixed $1169 and it will be offered for sale by the end of this month in two different colours.

It is cleared that HP introduces the world’s slimmest laptop

Here is a video promo for you.