LONDON: In many countries of the world including the United Kingdom, you have to pay huge fees to lawyers for taking legal advice and that is the reason, why a ‘Robotic lawyer’ has been developed to avoid such high fees.

19 years old British Programmer ‘Joshua Browder’ has developed the world’s first robotic lawyer in order to save people’s precious time even money. It has been uploaded on a website free of cost where people are free to ask any question about law and related cases. The artificial intelligence based robot answers to all of the questions. In addition, unlimited questions related to the law also have been the part of the database.


Last year, in the winter, he developed a website for the people against unauthorized parking tickets. For which he started an online service that he named ‘Do not pay’ because people don’t know that they are paying an unauthorized parking fee, even they don’t know their related rights as well. In such a way, the people were forced to pay hundreds of dollars monthly. After the success of this online service, the idea of developing robot lawyer came in the mind of the Programmer Joshua Browder.

It was the best way that e-chatting like websites has to be created where people may ask questions and get answers quickly. This website itself appeals and posts to the relevant institutions. At the moment, robot gives advice on insurance, flight, train issues and other matters.

The teachers of law at Stanford University gave their precious advice. In addition, the robot shows keywords of built queries and their answers.

Joshua Browder, a teenager from UK has introduced the world’s first robot lawyer who gives legal advice.