world’s smallest cell phone 

The world’s smallest cell phone by Zanko Fly

BEIJING: Although Samsung and Apple’s distinctive additions of large-screen Smartphones are currently dominating in the market but, a small Chinese mobile company’s ‘Zanko Fly’ has been declared the world’s smallest cell phone.

‘Zanko Fly mobile phone’ is very popular among the prisoners as they can hide it in their coats or trousers very easily. Its width is 23.5 mm and a length of 71.8 mm that is equal to a human finger. Comparing the size, it can definitely be called as the world’s smallest mobile phone.

This mobile is available in various stores including online sales on the internet. It consists of 100% plastic and can’t be identified by any type of scanner. That is the reason it can be easily be used in the prisons also.

It is cleared that the world’s smallest cell phone has revealed by a Chinese company.