world’s smallest laptop

The world’s smallest laptop computer that can be fitted in pocket

CHINA: Sounds crazy but it is real! A Chinese company has developed the world’s smallest laptop. The size of this wonder computer is only 5.5 inches. This little laptop has been named as ‘China-based GamePad Digital (GPD WIN)’. Your dreams may come true now as many of the people wanted to have such a gaming laptop that can fit in pockets. Now you can take immense benefits of it, even you can take it anywhere with you as well as, it can easily be fitted in pockets.

In this present world of technology, the size of many of the things are being reduced while performance is also being enhanced. You have seen big laptops which require the bag to take anywhere. But now, a Chinese company has offered such a little laptop that you can keep in your pocket without any difficulty.

GPD WIN is the world’s first hand-held laptop that is developed by a Chinese company. It has Windows 10 operating system while it is thoroughly based on PC Gaming Console. It has HD display, even it has speakers and a mic and mini HDMI to transfer data Micro USB. It has already joystick, D-Pad and other controls especially for the keen of gaming.

If we talk about its hardware, it has 4 GB Ram, 64 GB Rom, 6000 mAh battery that provides 8 hours of playing online games and videos. It has 672 hours in standby, 1280 x 720 touch-screen display that is protected by 3rd Generation Gorilla Glas and a resolution of 267 ppi.

Do not worry about the price of it because it is very inexpensive, you can afford it with ease due to its low price of $499 but you will get a discount of $200 if you pledge backing now. This device is going to be shipped  worldwide on demand, through courier services . This device is presently seeking the support of Indiegogo.

The world’s smallest laptop has revealed that it is really a great technology.

Specs of GDP: