interesting websites

Do you know these 6 interesting websites

We use the internet daily but mostly visits on such websites that are very famous or on which, they have some work. However, occasionally they get suchlike websites that are beneficial to us and we bookmark them.  Here we are telling you about some suchlike interesting websites. You probably have not heard about them.
Through this service, you can create e-mail for ten minutes. But if you want to subscribe on any website and later to avoid waste or spam emails from them and you can create temporary e-mail on this website. After 10 minutes, all your emails will automatically expire.

Use Google without the restriction when you usually open So, it automatically accesses on your country domain. Like OR On, you will be able to use Google without this restriction.

Through this website, you can fun have fun with your friends that you are working on any difficult program. Just open the website and start writing something and difficult codes will be appeared on the screen.

Often, some websites are not opened on your computer and you have doubt that there is any problem in your computer or internet or website is down. Here this website will help you. You will know about it that is the website is down or is there any problem with your computer.

With the help of this website, you can take HD quality screen of any website, in JPEG, PNG and PDF format.

If your friend sends you suspect files or you downloaded any file from internet. On which you have doubt that it can have the virus, so this website can be helpful for you. You can check your file on this website at free of cost.

Now enjoy these 6 interesting websites through which you can do a lot of fun and activities.